When you're in the mood for seafood, we're always here to impress. Since 1985, our family-owned and operated business has been dedicated to providing the best in fresh seafood to the local community. See contact page for menus!


Party Tray at Seafood USA

Fresh fish daily

It can be a real challenge to find fresh fish that hasn't been frozen. At Seafood USA, we have daily oven ready specials and provide fresh options for you and your family.


Throw the perfect party

When you want a unique dish to offer up to your guests, think fish! Our party platters feature seafood treats like shrimp, ahi tuna and smoked salmon!


Save a little cash

We get it - Seafood can be expensive. Luckily, our team is devoted to making fresh fish as affordable as possible. When you need seafood, check out our specials and see how you can save!

See our selection

Explore our gallery and take a look at our fresh offerings! You will be satisfied

Lobsters and crabs

The beautiful taste of our lobsters and crabs will make your heart run faster!


Our products are the best source of pleasure for you and your farmily! Do not miss a chance to get it!

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Prices are subjected to change in accordance to the steep rise of industry food costs. Thank you for your understanding and your patronage is greatly appreciated.

Party trays

Jumbo / Large shrimp Tray.Enjoy real shrimps.

Jumbo / Largeshrimp tray and
greens, lemon slices, and cocktail sauce.

Fresh tuna at Seafood USA

Seared ahi tuna party tray.Magnificent taste of tuna .

One pound of pepper
One pound of sesame
Ginger sauce and wasabi

fresh salmon at Seafood USA

Poached salmon
Tasty Salmon will make you smile.

Skinless and deboned, decoratively garnished, glazed in Aspic and displayed on an attractive platter.

Quality you can trust

Served w/cocktail sauce and lemon .




Served w/butter & lemon.

Bacon wrapped, horseradish-dijon stuffing

8 oz.-$5.99
8 oz.-$1.50
1/2 pt.-$3.00/
1/2 pt.-$3.00/
1/2 pt.-$3.00/
$17.99 lb.
$1.99 ea./
3 for $5.00
$2.99 ea./
4 for $10.00
$18.00 dz.
$4.50 ea.
$12.00 lb.
$4.00 ea
$10.99 pt.

1/4 lb. Flounder, 1/4 lb. Scallops, Shrimp Stuffed with Crab Meat


Tender and Flaky Atlantic Salmon w/ Vegetables and
Wild Brown Rice Covered in a Sweet Teriyaki Sauce


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